Rhapsody of Realities Topical Compendium - Volume 5

Know, understand, memorize, and meditate on God's Word with this distinctive collection of 180 devotionals that will empower you to live fully in Christ's transformational and supernatural love and power. An extensive topical index guides you in specific topical areas of study. Printed on glossy paper. Uses KJV Bible translation primarily; other translations used sporadically.

The Rhapsody of Realities Topical Compendium series are comprehensive reference materials that have enhanced Word based training among Christians. These series are renowned with inspiring articles that articulate the gospel of our Lord Jesus, and it’s therefore an important tool for the spiritual development of God’s children.

The Rhapsody of Realities Topical Compendium Volume 5 is the newest instalment in the series of compilations of choice articles by Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. What’s more, the articles in this volume have been organized under exciting chapters such as: The Acts of God, The Efficacy of God’s Word, The Lordship of Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and You, The Mindset of the Just, The Ministry of Reconciliation, The Glory – Life, The Authority of Believers, Divine Benefits.

This is a sure complete resource book, that guarantees your profound walk with the Lord through fellowship with His Word.